Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bohol - with a few camera snaps!

Proof that the old camera works like a charm. Here are a few snaps from last week's trip to Bohol.

Bohol was a beautiful island which seemed much more of a resort than the places I've been thus far. The main port was busy but not congested at all. Small villages were sprinkled throughout where one could see various artisans honing thier craft. A few of the more interesting entreprenurial expeditions seen was a smithy that specialized in machete making and a group of people who made furniture out of old tires.

We then had lunch on a boat which took us on a scenic trip up river. Mother nature, never to be outdone, decided to drop a heafty amount of rain on us; adding to the ambience of the trip. On the banks of the river we saw flowers, children swimming, and a musical number put on by the locals using ukelele's. Normally I would be fine with such a production but I found some of the MTV-style grinding moves some of these 9 year olds attempting to be unsettling. The weather cleared up and so we continued on our tour.

We then went through a man made forest which felt very odd because it did not look indiginous to the area at all. Instead, the forst looked like something out of the Pactific Northwest. I was waiting to see ewoks swinging through the trees or to be clipped by a speederbike.

We then reached the chocolate hills, which are large hills originally coral deposits pushed up through the prehistoric sea bed. It was quite a stunning display, even after a 200 + stair climb (nothing Tyler nor myself could not handle). The combination of the heat and the view was energizing; Tyler and I agreed that we would be able to climb one of these hills but higher/more sensible powers advised otherwise. One strange thing I noticed at the top of the view point was a camera booth set up for picture development. At first it looked like the usual "we can take your picture in front of the Chocolate Hills and put it on a shirt" trap, but this one went a bit too far. Instead of taking your pic in front of the actual hills, they had their own backdrop which you can stand in front of. That way you can stand in front of a backdrop of the hills which is placed in front of the actual hills. I'm not sure I understand that. Then there was the option to look like you are riding a broom while your picture is being taken. I asked the guide if there was any significance to which she responded, "it's fun".

We then went to see some tarsiers, which are one of the smallest primates in the world. Though a noctournal animal, we visited an area which housed them in the day but covered. Understandibly dossail at this time of the day and although protected, I felt a little bit sad for them. Don't get me wrong, they were not in cages and are protected by the local government but to have tourists like us constantly in their faces when they are trying to sleep....I just think of how I would react. Still, they looked pretty easy going and if they took offense, we would know about it.

That pretty much finished up our trip. I had a great time in Bohol and would like to return to sample some of their beaches. I hear there are some of the best in the world.

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